Free University Bozen, Faculty for Educational Sciences

Research with vignettes is carried out at the Faculty of Education - Brixen site - of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, in cooperation with the University of Vienna, as an innovative methodology within a qualitative approach to pedagogical research, which gives an important space to heuristic philosophy of participatory and phenomenological nature.

Vignettes are used in the education of teachers and in the training of social workers and social pedagogues. The instrument of the vignette is especially used in educational and research projects that promote intra- and intersubjective reflection on the topics of the respective work. 

The Vignette Research Group at the Free University of Bozen works in a multilingual and multicultural context and deals with educational research in innovative learning settings, inclusive and transcultural education and reflective learning experiences. Vignettes serve not only as research instruments, but also as transformative educational media, since they allow to perceive lived practice and fruitful moments of experience as objects of investigation and to make them accessible in a new perspective.

As part of the EU project ProLernen, a handbook based on the vignette methodology was developed - together with other institutions within the network - from November 2020 to November 2022 for the purpose of professionalizing educators and educational managers. Furthermore, training modules for future educators in the field of elementary education were developed.