Free University of Berlin, Department of Education and Psychology, German Didactics - Linguistic and Cultural Education

Since 2023, vignette and anecdote research has found its place at the Free University of Berlin in the Learning and Research Workshop for Literary Education. Within the framework of teaching, vignettes and scenes on children‘s learning are discussed together with students in seminars. Vignettes are also written by students in practical research projects in order to enable them an understanding of learning experiences in German lessons by example.

The learning and research workshop for literary education is currently in the making. Franziska Herrmann is accompanying this process as a guest lecturer at the Department of German Didactics - Linguistic and Cultural Education. In her dissertation (soon to be published by Klinkhardt Publisher), reflective experiences in research-based learning settings by students and learning experiences in creative writing processes by primary school children are made visible in the form of anecdotes and video vignettes.

Franziska Herrmann participates in the professional and methodological exchange in the project of the University of Teacher Education Tyrol: "On the track of learning experiences. Vignette and anecdote research at Tyrolean primary schools".