University College of Teacher Education Vienna

In the course of the event series "Positions" of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna, Evi Agostini (University of Vienna) presented the research approach of the phenomenologically oriented vignette and anecdote research to the teachers.

As can be seen from the research conducted by the network's partner organizations, vignette and anecdotal research opens up new perspectives on perception and experience in the school context. While the first researches have focused on learning as an experience in the classroom, more recent publications provide for the use of vignettes and anecdotes in the various fields of pedagogical activity (university didactics, teaching, school development, etc.). This wide range of possible applications is being incorporated into the current and future practice of teachers in the various areas of initial, in-service and further training of teachers and school leaders.

Within the framework of the EU project ProLernen, experts from the University College of Teacher Education Vienna - in cooperation with other institutions of the network - are also developing a manual and training modules in the field of vocational education and training in order to professionalize prospective teachers and educational managers.