University College of Teacher Education Tyrol


The research project "Tracking learning experiences. Vignette and Anecdotal Research in Tyrolean Primary Schools", which started in 2020 at the University of Teacher Education Tyrol and is conceived as a long-term study (running until February 2026), is entirely dedicated to phenomenologically oriented research in educational science. The project explores the question of what formative experiences pupils have in primary school, how and what they learn there and what phenomena of learning are revealed, especially against the background of the various facets of the diversity of learning groups.

In addition, vignettes and anecdotes are used in teacher training courses (primary and secondary education) at the University of Teacher Education. Students write readings on vignettes or anecdotes or write vignettes and anecdotes in the course of their internships and in this way practise an experiential approach to learning and teaching.

Several staff members of the University of Teacher Education Tyrol were involved in one of the two research projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) "Personal Educational Processes in Heterogeneous Groups I" and "Long-Term Study II" at the University of Innsbruck or in the research project at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano and continue to use vignettes and anecdotes in their work, in training and further education or in research.

Gabriele Rathgeb, a staff member in the second project phase of the long-term study at the University of Innsbruck, was significantly involved in the development of anecdotal research and is committed - not least as a member of the VignA core team - to its further development and application in research, teaching and school development.


  • Christiane Heidegger, Department of Early Years Education
  • Silvia Krenn, (retired)
  • Klaudia Kröll, Department of Primary Education
  • Veronika Möltner, Department of Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Gabriele Rathgeb, Department of Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Barbara Saxer, Department of Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Martina Thanei, Member of the research group "Tracking learning experiences"
  • Norbert Waldner, Department of Primary Education