VignA-related projects

Since the beginnings of the Vignette and Anecdote Research Network, projects have been created at various locations and with cooperation partners, which are collected here.

An overview of the objectives and content as well as general data on the projects can be found on the respective project subpages in the navigation on the right.



Ongoing projects

  • Teach4Reach 2.0
  • Transform4School
  • Oriented towards the Phenomenon: Art Education 'Close to the Work' and Vignette Research. Potentials of Research on Aesthetic Education in Perceptual Access
  • EQoL - Teaching the Good Life. Theory, Policy and Practice in Education to Promote Quality of Life in the 21st Century


Finalized projects

  • Teach4Reach (1.0)
  • ProLernen
  • ELBE - Ethos in the teaching profession
  • Learning from the best - Effective School Management
  • Be First



Images: © Tobias Loemke (2024)