Leibniz University Hannover, Institute for Design Practice and Art History

At Leibniz University Hannover, vignettes have been the subject of attention since 2018 at the Institute for Design Practice and Art History in order to make use of them in particular for the field of aesthetic education.

As part of the EU project ProLernen, Agnes Bube and Dennis Improda worked on the development of a handout based on the vignette methodology from November 2020 to November 2022 for the purpose of professionalizing future pedagogues and pedagogical leaders and developed training modules for future pedagogues in the field of special education. Furthermore, the cooperation between Agnes Bube (since April 2023 at University of Koblenz) and Evi Agostini (University of Vienna) startet in 2018 at Leibniz University Hannover on the project "Oriented towards the Phenomenon: Art Education 'Close to the Work' and Vignette Research. Potentials of Research on Aesthetic Education in Perceptual Access".