KPH Vienna/Krems, Department of Pre-Service Teacher Education

As part of the course Case Analysis, following the vignette research, students are offered opportunities to reflect on the role model of a teacher in a professional context on the one hand and, on the other hand, opportunities to become aware of their own body to become.

Dealing with the „Köper-Leib-Differenz“ is intended to enable students to reflect on physical communication and interaction in class and to perceive their own body and atmospheres in the school space. As observers, the students write vignettes in class, which are interpreted and reflected on in the plenary session. The shared exchange enables multiple perspectives, which allows dogmatic and rigid perspectives to be softened. As part of the educational theater production of vignettes, students are encouraged to become aware of body expression and behavior and to experience the body as effective in the teaching profession.

The same applies for the course Social and Personal Competencies, which Mareike Tillack teaches on the Master Teacher Training Program Basics of Educational Sciences at University of Vienna.