University College of Teacher Education Styria

The University College of Teacher Education Styria supports and promotes working and researching with vignettes in initial, in-service and continuing teacher training, particularly in vocational education and training. Anja Thielmann (Institute for Secondary Vocational Education), who has already been able to deepen her expertise in this area as a university lecturer at the Vienna University of Teacher Education as part of the research projects "Personale Bildungsprozesse in heterogenen Gruppen II" (Research into learning and development in diverse classroom communities) (FWF) and ProLernen (Erasmus+), is responsible for the implementation.

The aim over the next few years - in cooperation with the network partners - is to use the materials developed as part of ProLernen in specially designed courses for initial, further and continuing education and thus support prospective teachers and educational leaders in their professionalisation. The use of vignettes and anecdotes in school practice or in the course of practical pedagogical studies is also planned.  

Subsequently, research projects on the potential of vignettes and anecdotes in pedagogical professionalisation, in particular with regard to their effectiveness in reflecting on teaching and learning experiences, the development of a pedagogical ethos or in the context of research-based learning, are to be designed and carried out.